Dating in the senegalese culture

Volunteer life bursts with cultural faux pas, fruitless projects and second guesses. Even on my best days in Senegal, the sudden scream of “toubab,” a taunting word for foreigners, reminded me that my cheerfulness was jinxed, my presence perhaps unwelcome.

He said that he and his wife had just €5 between them when they learned of their windfall.I had lengthy, optimistic conversations with a village chief about starting a community garden only to discover that I misread his reaction and that he was, in fact, against the whole endeavor. Maybe everyone needs a period in their lives when they barely recognize themselves.When a project faltered, I wondered if I should blame the cultural difference or my language skills, my lack of expertise or my accidental impropriety. The story that Peace Corps volunteers like to tell — and Americans like to hear — is one of urgent and awe-inspiring work.A large number apprentice themselves to a shop, where they receive no wages.One government official estimated there are 100,000 children apprenticed in Dakar.

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