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Many U-I collaborations are like dating: you decide to partner short-term to see what each other is like.

You do some cool things together, and hopefully, achieve something you’re proud of and that benefits you both.

Teen dating violence is the use of physical, sexual, emotional or verbal force by one dating partner towards the other.

Abuse can cause injury and even death but it doesn’t have to be physical.

When it comes to resources to help our member reps look at the topic of strategic U-I partnerships in more detail, four specific UIDP products come to mind: This one-page document from the UIDP Perspectives Series [only available to UIDP member reps] outlines not only some of the benefits of strategic U-I partnerships, but also what to think about when selecting the partner.

It’s not a deep-dive into the subject matter, but a high-level overview of things to consider.

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gay Parship is different, with a focus on genuine singles and deep compatibility.

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