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The pair co-star in the documentary series Tessa, you’re used to the spotlight, but what’s it like to be on camera 24/7? We’ve grown up with cameras, but that was always for our skating. But once we saw a couple things and we got the vibe of the crew, that helped. People often comment that he can walk into the rink and completely change the energy – that takes a special kind of person. I’m just finishing my psychology degree and I’d like to do a master’s program or law school and business stuff and fashion. [Now] we’re letting [people] into our personal lives. But I think our goal was just to be open books and not have a filter – for good or for bad. They were standing in a hotel hallway discussing a last first kiss.

They later won a second world championship, and two more Olympic silvers before leaving “eligible” skating as one of the world's greatest ice dance teams.

Hey everyone I'm looking for a story I read awhile back and can't seem to find anymore.

I can't recall the title but it was about tessa and scott after their ET Canaca interview after Sochi and how tessa was Scott's first kiss.

In addition, they became the first ice dancers from North America to win an Olympic gold medal, ending the 34 year streak of the Europeans.

They became the first former World Junior ice dance champions to win the Olympics, and the first ice dance team to win the Olympic gold on home ice.

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