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Some Masters require their slave to kneel, kiss their feet/shoes and wait to be given permission to stand.Is eye contact allowed or should the submissive wait to be spoken to first?If you are the Master or Mistress reading this looking for new ideas please remember you need to always be consistent, there is nothing worse than a slave feeling as if their Master/Mistress is not dominant enough or that they are not consistent in their approach.The more the submissive is reminded of their place in your world the deeper the servitude becomes, slave contracts and consistent dominant approaches will always deepen this relationship, you can also have a look at the slave registry and get your slave to register and get their own unique number and certificate as an owned slave.With that said let’s delve into this and list some of the best ways to make a slave /submissive feel owned, how to train them and the top ways to dominate.

I am going to list below some of the best slave training techniques and ways to make your submissive feel totally owned whether it be in an online session, a real time session at a dungeon or within a lifestyle relationship.

The inner conflict and surrender connected with dominance and submission are enduring themes in human culture and civilization.

In human sexuality, this has broadened to include mutual exploration of roles, emotions, and activities that would be difficult or impossible to act out without a willing partner taking an opposing role.

Any contract you write should still have the essential BDSM safety clauses, but you will need to add more terms to cover the logistics of your long distance arrangement.

Here some issues to consider when drafting a contract: Meeting in Person – if you intend to visit one another, you should stipulate how often this is required, where you will meet (this can just be left up to Master’s discretion) and how long for.

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