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Teen chat is such a cool place to hang out and meet all kinds of cool people. I have met a lot of cool ppl on here even ones who I am really close with.

I love teen chat, it is my favorite chat room that I have been on and I've been to a lot of chat rooms. Some that I keep in contact with through email or even phone.

Singles Webcams chat room for singles looking to meet online the perfect match they are looking for all their lives.

Do come over and check out my favorite albums every now and then... My name is Aisyah, and I’m a 20 year old student who volunteers part time as a nurse in an... I'm married to a very vanilla man, and have recently found out I like bad things. im just looking for some fun chat and see what happens.

Athletic young looking 48 year old won't let me change age, fit, loves swimming, come message me and have some fun. My neighbor has put subliminal messages in my mind. I'm a dude, but you can use male (he/him), female (she/her), or gender neutral (they/them) pronouns with me.

Teen chat has the best chat rooms you could ever find and plus it's free.

I have never been able to relate to so many people in my life but thanks too teen chat I found people that are just like me. but now im thinking its alot better, i think the site has got a whole lot better and all the different rooms are great for anybody and everybody, and i use it like.....everyday haha.

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