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With all that we now know about concussions and brain trauma, society as a whole somehow still not only allows this sport to exist, but also includes it in the Olympics. An ancient sport that Mommy and Daddy were practicing when you walked in on them, sweetheart. C., Greco-Roman wrestling consists of two opponents competing to pin one another to the ground and is something that Mommies and Daddies sometimes do in their bedroom late at night without the lights on.

Wrestlers utilize grappling, joint locks, and takedowns on their opponents, and even though it sounded like Mommy was yelling because she was hurt, she was actually just practicing a very special wrestling move with Daddy above the covers of the bed.

In fact, virtually every biographer from the early Roman Empire whose works are still extant–Cornelius Nepos, Tacitus, Plutarch, Suetonius, and Lucian–explicitly cites his own eyewitness experiences in biographies that deal with subjects dating to his own lifetime.

The biographer Cornelius Nepos, for example, discusses a funeral speech that he heard of Atticus (a philosopher and friend of Cicero) in his , and with truth, at the funeral of his mother, whom he buried at the age of ninety, that “he had never had occasion to be reconciled to his mother,” and that “he had never been at all at variance with his sister,” who was nearly of the same age with himself; a proof that either no cause of complaint had happened between them, or that he was a person of such kind feelings towards his relatives, as to think it an impiety to be offended with those whom he ought to love.”Tacitus, although he is primarily known for being a historian, wrote a biography of his father-in-law, the Roman statesman Agricola.

Its origins are attributable to these three philosophers especially to Aristotle in his treatise on scientific inquiry.

With his games one can perhaps conclude that the origin of modern Chess strategy was born.

And there is even one expert - the outspoken Professor David H. : People are rubbishing Black's play, but I will try this myself.

- makes one wonder about the diversity of chess and the advantes and disadvantges of the different versions of chess.

The Socratic method is a time tested approach to develop critical thinkers who are as essential in today society as they were in the ancient world.

The scientific method, which is so important in today’s approach to science and engineering, was developed to employ a systematic method to deciphering and discover of new knowledge.

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Last week the ISAW Library unveiled its contribution to the current ISAW exhibition Time and Cosmos in Greco-Roman Antiquity.

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