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The lucky lady’s gotten cozy with hunky stars like Josh Hartnett, was married to one-time Sexiest Man Alive, Ryan Reynolds, and even had a short-lived fling with Sean Penn. She developed "Scarlett 'Hearts' Rbk," a "fashion-forward, athletic-inspired footwear and apparel signature collection." Her first collection was launched in Spring/Summer 2007.In an era when most network dramas are struggling to keep up creatively with their premium cable counterparts, is what it is.And though it’s had its fair share of missteps (Peggy and the pig’s blood, the inexplicable focus on Rayna’s dad, Deacon giving up his dog – WHY??

She befriends Bluebird soundboard engineer Gunnar Scott who suggests putting her poetry to music.

She continues on singing as a soloist and has a short relationship with producer Liam Mc Guinnis, who also supplies her with prescription medication to help combat tiredness when he has her working all night to get songs out of her.

Rayna tells him to break off the relationship when she catches them kissing and Liam departs for Tokyo, leaving Scarlett devastated.

Professor Plum: He won't be driving home, officer, I promise you that!

Cop: [to the motorist] You're not gonna drive home, are you? Miss Scarlet: Oh, we'll- we'll- we'll get him a car! Miss Scarlet: [lightly jabbing him in the stomach] A limousine!

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