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The Model 10 came in both 16 and 17 size movements and all were 23 jewel movement watches with 60 hour mainsprings.

The last model, the Model 13 were all 17 size watch movements and all had 23 jewel movements.

The Hamilton Watch Company had its genesis as an American watch design and manufacturing company, which incorporated in 1892 and produced its first watch in 1893.

After its formation, the Hamilton Watch Company went on to manufacture and market pocket watches and wristwatches, ending American manufacture in 1969.

Housed in a Keystone 25-year gold filled hinged case.

Housed in a Philadelphia Crown gold filled swingout case.

They were "Railroad Approved" for new and used watches and had payroll deduction.Many Railroad Grade pocketwatch collectors do not consider any RR Grade collection, regardless of its size, to be complete, unless it contains at least one Illinois Sangamo Special, preferably in a 17 size pocketwatch.No expense was spared by the Illinois Watch Company in the manufacture of the Sangamo Special RR Grade pocketwatches.Thought some of the folks on here might be interested about some watches.When I hired out in engine service on the SP in April 1969 , I had to get a railroad approved watch.

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