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If it is commonplace for multiple users to be modifying the same set of data, you should consider implementing some form of concurrency control.There are two flavors of concurrency control: optimistic and pessimistic.Some really interesting questions from the audience, showing insight into...Software Development Network – September 11th, 2015 The first two sessions I’ll be presenting are at Software Development Network (SDN) at the Achmea Conference Center in Zeist. In a presentation for Blaak Selectie and Betabit, I presented on NService Bus Sagas yesterday.How they can help develop your (long running) business processes better and how to get rid of batch jobs as...the problem is I now when clients of this control register their own event handlers for Row Deleting, it is never raised.

Microsoft offers a form of optimistic concurrency control from the Sql Data Source control that can be enabled by ticking a checkbox.after uploading image get the image url (online path used google chrome for better performance) and used this image url on this forum section.For uploading image on this forum, select image option as following image.hello sir, I hv copied your code above , I am getting error at update operation, - 'Dynamic SQL generation for the Update Command is not supported against a Select Command that does not return any key column information.'please help thanks in advancenilesh You are missing primary key in table.Recreate your table and set "id" column as Primary Key with Identity Column.

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If image format is correct then put break point at "Insert New Record" method and debug you application and tell me what error generated now.

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