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Below is a list (in order) for your next available “core” course. If you have a particular passion for a specific area of diving or just want to scratch an itch, have a look at the plethora of choices we can provide for Speciality courses.

Short, simple and affordable these courses give you a great foundation in specific skill.

Their PADI Travel Network is a valuable tool that connects divers with PADI Dive Centers and Resorts, dive partners, current course offerings, and deals.

The underwater world is a magnet for adrenaline junkies.

Stayed tuned at CDI develops a civil ROV inspection program that will be developed with the Canadian manufacture!

If you're nervous, unsure or apprehensive or if you're committed and resolute: Rainbow and PADI have the answer.

All entry level courses use the same methodology of softly, softly.

Once in Laganas just follow the main street to the beach, turn right at the end of the road, and head along the sand 75 metres. No one who has been here can forget the emerald green of its sea, its pine-studded mountains, its musical people and their hospitality. Known to be one of the sunniest places in Greece, rainy days in summer are very rare in the island of Zakynthos.

Just past Mambo Restaurant and before Takis Supermarket, we are above Beach Bar, at the top of the terracotta staircase. During winters rainfall is quite high as is the level of humidity, even is summer; those are the reasons of the extreme fertility of the land in Zakynthos.

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We will first introduce you to some basic theoretical principles to keep you safe and confident.

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