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The Sims 4 was officially released for the Windows PC on September 2nd, 2014. Sorry MAC owners, Electronic Arts official statement is that they are only focusing on the PC version at this time. A new feature on The Sims 4 is called “The Gallery”. The new game brings better graphics and sharable online content.A video card is a piece of computer hardware that's rectangular in shape with numerous contacts on the bottom of the card and one or more ports on the side for connection to video displays and other devices.The video card installs in an expansion slot on the motherboard.While most video cards are of the PCIe format, video cards come in other formats as well, including PCI and AGP.

Each motherboard supports only a limited range of video card formats so be sure to always check with your motherboard manufacturer before making a purchase.

When you cannot boot your computer, these self-diagnostics are the first thing you should try to run.

Any error codes provided by these tests can go a long way toward troubleshooting your issue.

The only other time you must have an online connection is when you first install the game and register it with Electronic Arts.

The older Sims 3 and the new Sims 4 are not compatible with each other.

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Dell has a suite of self-diagnostics that is of built into Notebooks, Desktops, Servers and Windows based Tablets.

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