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" He told me he was polyamorous and had a wife, and that his wife had a boyfriend. It tied into our conversations about the future and not limiting each other.

So I asked him in a text, "who all lives in your house with u?

Basically, to have it all: a significant other and the freedom to hook up with other people.

Open relationships can save a stale marriage or infuse new and different energy and vitality into an existing relationship.

But if you get into it was realize it's not the good time you thought it'd be, you can pull the plug at any time.

A relationship in which two people agree that they want to be together, but can't exactly promise that they won't see other people too.

Rebecca Plante, an associate professor at Ithaca College, has specialized in research on casual relationships, and says that this type of relationship can be beneficial. "Eros" lovers are lovers that are often struck by "Cupid's Arrow".

Casual relationships can establish a "healthy outlet for sexual needs and desires." J. They often fall head over heels at the first sight of a potential relationship.

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If you're already in a relationship it should be solid.

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