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One of the best outcomes is World Mate pulls all the separate pieces together to create your own personal trip itinerary, completely automatically, it just happens.

World Mate also offers flight alerts, hotel and travel bookings, trip sharing and much more.

World Mate is one such app which is, according to the last update from the good folks who built it, trusted by about 10 million people all over the world.

Can we call it a competitor to Trip Advisor and other leading itinerary planners from the store? World Mate is a class apart, and you'll probably begin to love it right from the start. Although my experience with travel planners is limited, one consistent characteristic I've noted is bloat.

One of the blogs I follow (Thread Tripping) recently had a post about different itinerary managers.

These managers offer a convenient place to keep all of your reservation information and dates.

The Features Like most travel management apps, you begin your journey with using World Mate by just forwarding your tour tickets (travel, accommodation, etc.) to a default email id. Needless to say, it does a pretty good job of it because their database is pretty robust and massive.

There are dozens (if not hundreds) of great tour planners out there on the App Store.

Not every app makes the cut but those that do are the ones that people truly trust and rely on.

Anyone that travels, no matter how often, especially useful for business travel.

World Mate is accessable from the web or any mobile device, all of which are synchronised when updated.

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They all also have the ability to manually add data but I can’t see how that would ever be useful if the email thing works.

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